World Cup Posters

In the lead up to the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar I wanted to challenge myself with creating a poster for teams that are traditionally seen as the faces of football in their region or in the world. The posters are designed with the idea to pay homage to the culture and history of the place and away from the typical posters advertising star players. 

Japan is a country that dominates Asia in terms of football, however does not hold the same level prestige when compared to their European or South American counterparts. Despite being nicknamed the Samurai Blue there are not many posters or graphics done that show this side of Japanese culture. My poster above takes their nickname to the front and uses an older Japanese poster tree design I found as the background. 

La Haine Movie Posters

Toward the end of my second graphic design class, I was tasked with creating a series of posters for a movie that we enjoyed. La Haine consumed me with the way it was shot, the story, but most of all the characters that were so human. 

I didn’t get the best marks I wanted for them, but I thought that my posters were a good representation and still kept the mystery of the movie for prospective movie goers.

Football Beyond Borders

For my second graphic design class, I was assigned to rebrand a nonprofit. I chose to rebrand Football Beyond Borders a nonprofit based out of London, England to provide children from areas of socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The Give N’ Go Graphics

The Give N’ Go is an up-&-coming  footy pod based out of Austin, Texas hosted by Reynoso and Soltero as they talk about the football in the week past or analysis of upcoming tournaments or fixtures. 

Design Graphic

I created this graphic for my LinkedIn because I didn’t like any of the templates and was jealous of how cool my peers graphics looked. I wanted something that would have the theme of the matrix mixed with classical sculpture.

Dejan Kulusevski on Illustrator

This is an illustration of Dejan Kulusevski pacing down the right wing for Tottenham as part of a video I’m working on about the history of the Swedish National Football. It’s the first long form video I’m working on that will cover the origins of the sport in Scandinavia and the what the future looks like for the lesser-known golden yellow and blue strip.

Eintracht Frankfurt Graphics

A series of graphics made for a video essay about the rise of my favorite German football club Eintracht Frankfurt and their rise as a lowly side normally battling with staying in the first division to winning a European trophy in 2022. Hopefully I can finish it before Copa90 get to it first.