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Life and Personal Coaching

Through life and personal coaching services, Julissa can help you navigate major life changes, overcome negative mindsets, and help build positive habits that help you live your optimized life. Using proven motivational coaching methods and positive psychology, Julissa helps clients move past obstacles in life that may be causing them to be stuck and drive them toward action.

Browse below for a snapshot of just a few services Julissa offers through life and personal coaching services

Rewiring Buying Habits

Do you struggle with buying things you may not need and spending too much money? Julissa shows her clients how to rewire the way they think about money, material things, and happiness.

Navigating Stressors

If you find yourself constantly stressed out and full of anxiety, you’re not alone. Julissa can help you make sense of daily stressors and create a plan that enables you to eliminate the stressors you can and how to cope positively with those you can’t.

Finding Purpose and Passion

Finding a larger connection to the world around you can help you build meaning and purpose in your life. Julissa will help you articulate the things that matter most to you and coach you on how you can live your life in a way that allows you to honor them.

Finishing What You Start

Do you have a habit of starting projects but struggling to finish them? Through personal coaching, Julissa can help you build strategies to say no to the projects that aren’t meaningful to you and complete the ones that are.

Closet Quickie

After a 30-minute consultation, we’ll then explore your closet together to learn which pieces optimize your style and which items need to go. You’ll receive style tips on how to put together outfits and style your body in a way that gives you a confidence boost.

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Events Styling

When you have a big event coming up, we’re here to help to make sure you steal the spotlight. Whether it’s your wedding, a birthday party, a charity gala, or a red carpet event, we help you discover a look that turns heads and makes your event an occasion to remember

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