About Home Therapy

Home Therapy is a lifestyle consultation firm that believes life should be lived joyfully and intentionally. A joyful, intentional life starts with ensuring all aspects of your life are in harmony. We help you create this harmony by collaborating with you to show you how your spaces, clothing, personal image, energy, and mindfulness all work together to help you achieve the grandest vision for your life. Without unnecessary belongings and physical and mental clutter in your way, you become exuberantly unstoppable..

Meet Julissa

Julissa Ramos is the Founder and Chief Joy Officer at Home Therapy.

She founded Home Therapy out of her decades of passion masterminding luxurious brand experiences for some of today’s most notable fashion industry names, including Gucci and Chanel. She has also collaborated with discerning celebrity clients across the US and the Dominican Republic, helping them elevate their environments through home organization and style consulting. She has also worked on iconic awards shows such as the Oscars, Emmys, and BAFTAs.

Julissa is certified in the KonMari method of decluttering and organization. She uses the practices outlined by Marie Kondo to help clients find joy in their spaces while also helping them discover their personal fashion senses, define their personal brands to develop a confident self-image, and build mindfulness practices that support a well-lived life.

Today, through Home Therapy, Julissa collaborates with clients who seek fulfillment and joy by helping them create a harmonious life where space, style, image, and mental wellness are in perfect balance. She achieves this by supporting clients as they cut through the physical and mental clutter and reconnect to things that bring them joy while letting go of those that don’t.