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Home Therapy helps you achieve harmony through carefully curated organization, personal style, image, and mindfulness consulting services

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Space, Redefined

Your spaces are a direct reflection of who you are and what you value. Does your space bring you joy? Does it reflect your highest vision of living? If not, then it’s time to embrace a new way to think about your spaces and what’s in them.

At Home Therapy, we help you change your relationship with spaces and belongings so that your life is less cluttered and hectic using the celebrated KonMari method. Enjoy a newfound way of living where everything around you is in complete harmony, helping you achieve the highest vision you have for yourself.

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Elevate Your Style

Living your happiest life means feeling good on both the inside and outside. Your fashion should be an outward expression of your values, confidence, and personal style. Through our bespoke image and style consulting services, we help you discover your personal brand and show you how to shop so your outward expression of style perfectly expresses your beauty, strength, and personal values.

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Find Your Well

Living an optimized life means finding balance in all of life’s spaces, both the physical and the mental. Our wellness consulting services help you find harmony in some of life’s biggest changes, including welcoming a new loved one or saying goodbye to someone. We also help you discover the ebbs and flows of your energy so you become more mindful of what you need most to thrive no matter what challenges you may face in life..

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